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​Why Choose Us

Our passion is to provide the best care for pets in our local community. We are a family run small animal practice whose focus is on our clients, their pets, and their pockets.  Unlike the growing number of ‘corporate’ veterinary organisations, we do not push up-selling of unnecessary extras.


Vet of choice….

To ensure we provide the best patient care, we provide the following:

  • Your choice to see your preferred vet rather than random doctors.
  • Up to 30 minute consultations when needed which allows us to assess multiple problems and give you and your pet the time that you deserve.
  • A reduced recheck fee for patients that are seen on a regular basis for the same problem (or for rechecks purely for repeat dispensing of medications).
  • For patients in our care who are on lifelong medication, we will happily dispense medications without seeing the patient, so long as the patient is rechecked every 6 months.
  • Phone support for ongoing case management free of charge.
  • All blood and diagnostic test results over the phone or via a follow-up meeting free of charge.
  • All post-surgical recheck consultations complimentary.
  • If you purchase your worming, flea, tick or intestinal over the counter products from us, we will happily apply or administer the product to your pet.
  • We will provide you with all the clinical examination findings, and discuss options with you in plain English to manage and treat your pet and their condition.
  • We appreciate that it is a difficult decision as to which treatment path works best for you and your family and will not pressure you or make you feel guilty about any choices you make.
  • If we can’t help you, we will find you someone who can.


In addition to this:

  • We have very highly trained and experienced veterinarians who see themselves as advocates for you and your pet.
  • Dr. Randal & Dr Cass both have a broad knowledge of veterinary procedures with Dr Randal having a particular interest in surgery, and Dr Cass having a vast knowledge of internal medicine, combining over 45 years of experience between them.
  • Both veterinarians attend regular conferences and undertake a large amount of continuing education to stay on top of the most up to date veterinary advances. Dr Cass is also currently undertaking further study, on top of her other achievements, to obtain her PHD.
  • Whilst we will advise of the current gold standard treatment for your pet, in the event that the gold standard doesn’t fit with your financial circumstances, we also tailor treatment plans to work within your budget.
  • We are locally owned and operated where the vet who owns the practice actually works in the practice – It DOES make a difference.